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  • It's been AMAZING seeing all your support pouring in for THRIVEGulu the past few weeks!! We're almost at $14K, but the #HolidayChallenge is also almost halfway over.. so if we wanna deliver for the people in Gulu who are doing such life-changing work, we're gonna need you guys to keep it up!

    On that note, we've got an awesome new prizes for you:

    We're giving you guys a chance to spend the day at EXTRA at Universal Studios Hollywood!

    Ever wondered how entertainment news is REALLY made? Well, this is your chance to find out! Just donate to the THRIVEGulu CrowdRise and fill out this form to enter the prize drawing- we'll randomly pick ONE winner. If you win...

    You (and three of your friends) will get to spend the day at Universal Studios, watch a taping of the show, AND you'll get to meet the Extra hosts, Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos!!

    I mean, no big deal, right??

    Unfortunately not included: travel, accommodation, or a performance of Santa Baby by Maria (sorry, guys).

    And we're adding FIVE MORE lunches with ME!

    The original set of lunch dates we were offering as perks for you guys went FAST.. but I really want to meet you guys & thank you for your support of THRIVE, so we decided to offer some more! We've got FIVE MORE lunch dates available, so if you missed 'em the first time around, be sure to act fast this time! Don't forget, it's for a great cause (just in time for Christmas, too- it's your last chance to get on Santa's good list this year!)

    So just to refresh your memory, here are all the perks we've got:

    • $30 - I’ll follow you on Twitter (50 limit)
    • $50 - I’ll follow you and thank you on Twitter in a group tweet (40 limit)
    • $75 - I’ll follow you and thank you on Twitter in a solo tweet (20 limit)
    • $100 - I’ll RT a tweet of your choosing, within reason & no ads - borrow my account for a RT! (15 limit)
    • $250 - I’ll record for you a personalized voicemail message for your phone (no limit)
    • $1500 - LUNCH WITH ME (5 more up for grabs to the first people who give this amount!) - only 1 spot left as of 12/19
    • $2000 - Blog post RIGHT HERE (& a share on Facebook) about your cause or company (as long as it fits with my interests & isn’t crazy) - 2 up for grabs
    • $10,000 - Join me on a GROUP ADVOCACY TRIP TO UGANDA!

    Just like before, if you've donated to the THRIVEGulu CrowdRise, just fill out this form to redeem your perks or enter the prize drawing! And don't forget, if you've donated enough to earn more than one perk just fill out the form again!

    There are only a few weeks left of the year- 2013 has been a roller-coaster of a year, but let's end it on a high note, shall we? Please keep donating, & spread the word to all your friends about this awesome cause!

    Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

    From me, Momma Judy & everyone else at THRIVE- happy holidays everyone & thanks for making ours so great!

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  • DEAR ALBANIA Video/Photo Contest!!!


    Want to be in our movie? We're looking for people to submit VIDEO CLIPS or photos of themselves showing their ALBANIAN PRIDE throughout the WORLD. The DUE DATE for all submissions is December 15, 2013 11:59pm PST. The best submissions will be featured in our film, receive credit in the end credits, and be awarded a free copy of the final film, Dear Albania.

    OFFICIAL RULES: http://www.dearalbania.com/Contest/OfficialRules.pdf

    OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM: http://woobox.com/hrs94w

    One of the film's major themes is that Albanians remain proud of their country, even when they do not live within the country's borders. We want to show Albanians bringing Albanian pride to their own homes and communities around the world.

    We need your help. We are looking for video or photos that will help tell this story.

    Whether you live in Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Australia, Macedonia, or the US, we want to see how you keep the Albanian spirit alive no matter where you are.


    Do you teach an Albanian Language course? Or take one? Show us your Albanian class.

    Have you taught your grandchildren your favorite Albanian dances? Show us a clip of their performance.

    Do you make Berek for your family dinners-- even if it's paired with local wine? Show us what your dinner table looks like.

    Do you have pictures in your home of your parents or grandparents? Show us!

    Where do you exhibit the Albanian double-headed eagle? Do you hang your Albanian flag on your brick faced Boston walk-up-- or inside the shop your parents have run for decades?

    We prefer HD VIDEO submissions but we will also accept photos, particularly for vintage or older depictions of Albanian pride abroad. We want to see you in your element.


    Step 1: IDEA - Gather your photos and/or video. If you've prepared a video, please upload it to Vimeo.com. Refer to https://vimeo.com/upload for rules and guidelines.

    Step 2: COLLECT PERMISSIONS – You MUST have written permission from everyone in your photos and/or video (ParticipantRelease.pdf), including the owner or cameraperson (MaterialsRelease.pdf)

    Download/Print forms here:


    Prize recipients will be notified by email and must submit these forms to dearalbaniaforms@gmail.com within 7 days of notification or an alternate winner will be selected.

    Step 3: SHARE - Visit our Submission Website at http://woobox.com/hrs94w to enter the “Dear Albania” Video & Photo Contest. Here you can provide us with your Vimeo video URL and/or upload up to 5 photos at a time.

    Step 4: SPREAD THE WORD – Tell your Albanian friends and family to join us in sharing this story with the world. (Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/1380754098842008/)

    SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY DECEMBER 15th, 11:59 PST. Don't wait, however; Submit as early as you can!

    1. The Video MUST not exceed 5 minutes in length. Preferred format for upload to the Vimeo website is HD. Should you win, you will also be required to provide a native resolution master file. Acceptable file formats are .mov, .avi, .mp4, .wmv. Acceptable codecs are H.264 (MP4), MPEG-4, H.263, MPGV, WMV, DivX. Photos must be submitted in .jpeg/.jpg, .gif, .png, or .bmp format and must be a minimum size of 720x1280 pixels in dimension.
    2. Unless provided otherwise, all work must be your own original creation and free of any copyrighted material. You shall provide detailed information of your work regarding the source, the creator and background information as requested by Boston Diva Productions.
    3. In the event you utilize any third party materials, such as music provided by a third-party music provider not provided by Boston Diva Productions, you must obtain full written license and consent from the owner of such third party materials and provide such license and consent forms to Boston Diva Productions.
    5. Submissions cannot contain any profanity, offensive language, nudity or otherwise objectionable material, the determination of which is solely at the discretion of Boston Diva Productions.
    6. Submissions must not portray Albania in a negative way, the determination of which will solely reside with Boston Diva Productions.
    7. You must be at least eighteen (18) years or older to enter. Those under eighteen (18) must have parental permission to be photographed or filmed.
    8. The Sponsor will be entitled to reasonable revisions on the finished photos and/or videos.
    9. Winning Photo and/or Video creators MUST also provide Participant, Materials, Music or other applicable Releases for all assets appearing in selected photos and/or videos.
    10. See OFFICIAL RULES for additional contest information, terms and conditions. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these requirements and the Official Rules, the official rules shall prevail.

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  • Thank you all SO MUCH for an amazing first week of the CrowdRise #HolidayChallenge!! We're SO CLOSE to $10K in just one week~imagine what we can do by January 9th!

    It's almost THANKSGIVING here in the US, which means this week is all about #GivingThanks and just #GIVING.. to say thanks for your generosity & all the support you've given to our work in Gulu, we wanna say thanks by giving YOU a some awesome new prizes!

    We're giving you guys a chance to snag tickets to see THE ELLEN SHOW and THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!

    I'm a HUGE fan of both those shows- check out me spinning the Price Is Right wheel!

    Photo Credit: Craig T. Mathew/FOXTEL

    Think you can do better? Let's find out.. ;) We've got 2 tickets available to each show. If you donate more than $30, you can choose to enter the prize drawing.

    PLUS our original perks are still available!

    • $30 - I’ll follow you on Twitter (50 limit)
    • $50 - I’ll follow you and thank you on Twitter in a group tweet (40 limit)
    • $75 - I’ll follow you and thank you on Twitter in a solo tweet (20 limit)
    • $100 - I’ll RT a tweet of your choosing, within reason & no ads - borrow my account for a RT! (15 limit)
    • $250 - I’ll record for you a personalized voicemail message for your phone (no limit)
    • $1000 - Lunch with me (we meet at the agreed spot, no accommodations/travel included) --> ONLY ONE LUNCH DATE LEFT!!!
    • $2000 - Blog post RIGHT HERE (& a share on Facebook) about your cause or company (as long as it fits with my interests & isn’t crazy) - 2 up for grabs
    • $10,000 - Join me on a GROUP ADVOCACY TRIP TO UGANDA!!

    Just like before, if you've donated to the THRIVEGulu CrowdRise, just fill out this form to redeem your perks or enter the prize drawing! And don't forget, if you've donated enough to earn more than one perk just fill out the form again!

    And this week, it's EXTRA important that you guys keep this fundraiser going, because CrowdRise just announced their first BONUS CHALLENGE! If we raise $1000 for THRIVEGulu by next TUESDAY (Dec 3), we'll get a chance to win an extra $4000!! So please keep donating, & if you haven't told all your friends to donate yet, now's the time!

    Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

    You guys really are part of our THRIVEGulu family.. This organization means so much to me & this CrowdRise is more than just a fundraiser.. If you haven't already, please take a minute to read why seeing all of your support for this cause has touched me so deeply:


    I just want to end by saying that your support of THRIVE has truly been heartwarming.. So many of you have not only donated, but gone above and beyond to spread the word about our organization & this amazing place that I love so much. I wanna give a shout out to some of the awesome things that you guys have put out there on Twitter this past week:

    Thanks so much to @seananthonylee & @Morgane217 for those awesome creations, plus all of you who have donated, retweeted & spread the word last week. Can't wait to see what you guys will cook up next! Keep sharing & we promise to keep sharing with you. And to all of you here in the States, Happy Thanksgiving! <3

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  • I'm dedicating this year’s THRIVEGulu fundraiser to the memory of our beloved Papa Jim, who just passed away. He was a hero & father, not just to me & my family, but to everyone in our Ugandan family as well. So, my birthday wish is that this year you donate to THRIVEGulu in Jim’s memory. To show you all how much your generosity means to all of us, this year I've collected a whole bunch of new SERIOUS perks and prizes that we'll be giving away to the peeps who donate & JOIN US! Check 'em out!

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  • Let's continue to celebrate Albania's democratic republic, which includes the voices of the people's representatives that participate fully in this government. The issue of chemical weapons is upsetting Albanians all over the world, especially those living at home. Granted, this is a complex issue facing the international community, but it cannot fall on Albania alone, especially during this time in it's history. What are the proposed plans and safeguards? Albanians need support and transparency at this time. The transportation and destruction of this 1,000+ ton stockpile of weapons and chemicals, including mustard gas and sarin, is a process that could produce significant amounts of toxic waste and have a lasting impact. As US ambassador to Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, said Thursday, Washington would be disappointed if Albania refused to take in the chemicals, but would respect the decision.

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  • These days, we all want to be more energy-efficient- to save money and the environment at the same time. But if you've never used solar power before, it can be scary to switch over to something new. Well here's the deal. t's easier and more affordable than ever to go solar. And while it's still an investment (one that'll pay for itself in reduced electric bills and increase the value of your home), governments and utility companies are starting to catch on, and they're giving out even more financial incentives to make the switch.
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  • I went vegan a couple years ago, and I know how hard it is to give up meat and eggs cold-turkey. What if you could eat fake, plant-based "animal" products that taste just like the real thing? I know what you're thinking: 'meat substitutes' have been around forever... and they suck. But there are a few new companies that are revolutionizing the art (and science) of faking it.

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  • Its time for a contest! Hope you have your childhood pictures organized!

    I’ve written before about my passion for camping and the work I’ve done with one camp in particular, Camp Hale. Now I’m super excited and humbled to be an honoree at the American Camp Association’s Camp Champions Celebration, November 22nd in Fenway Park! Read all about it over here.

    To have some fun with this really cool honor I’m doing a weekly photo contest over at my Facebook page starting today. It’s a celebration of Camp Memories! Each week, on THURSDAY MORNINGS, I’ll announce a different theme and everyone’s invited to share their pictures. To share your pics you will need to use this hashtag, #TBTCampRockin on Twitter or Instagram, or enter on the Facebook page.

    This week's theme is - On the Water!

    I’ll pick my favorite at the end of the day and that person will get a prize! We’ll do this for five weeks and then I’ll also pick my favorite overall for a special grand prize!!!

    The Camp Champions Celebration is an event for a really great cause and its open to the public. If you’re in Boston, please consider buying a ticket to the event, which includes a special tour of Fenway Park!

    Join 350 generous supporters of ACA New England at Fenway Park on November 22, 2013 to celebrate the true spirit of camp and to help bring the summer camp experience to the region's children in need. 100% of net proceeds benefit ACA New England's Campership Fund.

    Click here to DONATE to the Camp Hale GIRLS PROGRAM, 

    And don’t forget to LIKE and check out my Facebook page for our weekly photo contest!!!

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  • GLAAD Manhattan In Alice Roi!

    Photo via MoeJackson

    This year, GLAAD Manhattan celebrates the fashion industry as leaders and champions of LGBT equality...

    ...reminding everyone that while this is our nod to fashion, bullying is never in style!

    Here I am supporting "equality with style" at the GLAAD annual New York Benefit.  Delicious drinks, passed hors d' oeuvres, and performances by recording artists Cazwell and Mary Lambert (the girl with the angel voice who sings "she keeps me warm" in that Macklemore song) ...all made for a great party.  The event kicks off the countdown to Spirit Day, the largest, most-visible anti-bullying campaign in the country supporting LGBT youth.  What a group!  Happy to show my support, especially if it means I get to wear Alice Roi and Jimmy Choo pumps!

    Photo via ImgCelebs

    Silver Cuff by Alice Roi


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  • Saturday Music Shout-Out: Santigold

    Santigold, Eliza Dushku and Jayma Mays in "The Great Train Stoppery"

    I can't stop listening to my fellow Time Angel's music- she is a MAD-SKILLED ARTIST!!

    Watch us kick some Wild West butt and save the world in last week's episode of NTSF:SD:SUV::- I had a blast working with these two awesome and hilarious chicks!!

    If you missed it last week, you can check out the whole episode from Adult Swim over on Youtube.

    Image Credit: Greg Gayne/EW

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  • Shoe Story: TOMS Keeps It Real

    OK who doesn't love TOMS shoes?  For every pair of shoes purchased, Tom's matches it by giving a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  They have an incredible Giving in the U.S.A. program as well as an "X Discovery Channel Shark Week" collection...

    Every season has a new fabric with new styles in effect.  Fall brings animal prints (rawr) and an awesome new Men's Utility Boot! Boots, boots, boots, I love these boots dudes!

    Not to mention, Tom's also does amazing Eyewear while giving sight to people around the world.  They do just about everything that is good in the world, including carry a "vegan" and "sustainable" collection.

    Yvette Panama Tortoise                         

    TOMS One for One.®              

    TOMS YouTube Channel

    TOMS YouTube Channel

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  • Inspired by the words of John Lennon...

    L os Angeles

    O rganic

    V egetable

    E xpress

    I just signed up for this pretty amazing (and affordable!) service www.lovedelivery.com and thought it would be useful to document my experience.  My first box "Whole Lotta LOVE" arrived last Thursday and I customized it as a 2/3 veggie box including 17 different items to last me the week (or 2 weeks if you opt for every other week.)  Combined with the other protein/grain staples that I still buy at the market, I've made a lot of salads and stir-fry over the past few days and my imagination is going wild over what I will do with all this fresh food!!!  Stay tuned...  Here are some pictures:



    LOVE Delivery Mission Statement:

    Our purpose is to provide a user- and earth-friendly service for discriminating people who have chosen to live a healthier, greener lifestyle. We will conduct our business with our sights toward a higher quality and standard of living for our community as a whole. We will promote sustainable agriculture and we will make your support and opinions part of that process. We will work to provide the best information and products available today. We will also work with the less fortunate, and those who are actually making a positive contribution to our community by donating 3% of our annual realized profits to local organizations that you will help us choose.


    SIGN UP for LOVE Delivery OR search for CSA in your community.


    Learn more about CSA from LocalHarvest.org:

    Community Supported Agriculture

    Thinking about signing up for a CSA but want to learn more about the idea before you commit? Read on.

    For over 25 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer.

    Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership" or a "subscription") and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

    This arrangement creates several rewards for both the farmer and the consumer. In brief...

    Advantages for farmers:

    • Get to spend time marketing the food early in the year, before their 16 hour days in the field begin
    • Receive payment early in the season, which helps with the farm's cash flow
    • Have an opportunity to get to know the people who eat the food they grow


    Advantages for consumers:

    • Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits
    • Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking
    • Usually get to visit the farm at least once a season
    • Find that kids typically favor food from "their" farm – even veggies they've never been known to eat
    • Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learn more about how food is grown


    It's a simple enough idea, but its impact has been profound. Tens of thousands of families have joined CSAs, and in some areas of the country there is more demand than there are CSA farms to fill it. The government does not track CSAs, so there is no official count of how many CSAs there are in the U.S.. LocalHarvest has the most comprehensive directory of CSA farms, with over 4,000 listed in our grassroots database...



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  • Beauty Regimen: ARGAN Rescue Serum

    I cannot give all the credit to the hair products I use when the reality is I should be thanking Mom and Dad for giving me these ample locks.  I think the phrase "Shake what your Momma gave you." definitely applies to hair too.  Don't fight it!  Since mine is thick, mostly straight, and carries a lot of volume, one of my products of choice is...

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  • HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!

    Today is Independence Day in the Unites States, the National Day commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776

    Text Transc

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  • It's July 4th!  Enjoy that outdoor BBQ, picnic, parade, concert, family reunion, FIREWORKS or quiet night at home watching TV ;)  Ultimately. this tip should be good for any day of the week.

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  • Here are some videos and entries from a travel journal kept while filming the documentary "Dear Albania" (Coming very soon!!!)...

    We had to say our goodbyes in Kosova :( but we were happy that Tony Dovolani decided to ride with us back over the border into the Northern Albanian Alps and the region of Tropoje.  Turns out the mayor of Tropoje knew that we were filming a documentary so we were greeted by a receiving line of villagers at the border to Albania!  How lucky were we to receive this kind of reception!  Then a flock of traditional dancers seemed to appear out of nowhere doing a traditional "eagle dance” to music blasting from a car stereo. We joined right in with the dancing as best we could.

    We headed towards the "municipality" of Margegaj and the Valbone River. To our surprise, when we reached Margegaj the dancing had ratcheted up a notch and there was a drumming procession.  More people from Valbona had come down to welcome us, and the mayor presented me with a plaque signifying ambassadorship to the region, knowing that I would return home with a message of warmth and peace.

    It was astonishing quite frankly.  We hopped back in our car to follow the river up to the village of Valbone where we would be eating dinner and spending the night.  About half way up the mountain, Rick and I felt a burning desire to wade in the Valbona River because we had heard the water was the clearest in the country and had healing properties.  Wouldn't you?!  No doubt it looked like you could drink it.  Nate was fine sitting this one out after jumping into the frigid Blue Eye Spring last week.  Our crew captured everything on video... We were freezing our butts off but it felt amazing after 2 weeks of driving through 3 countries.

    It became dark as we reached the village of Valbona high up in the alps. It was time for dinner...but first, there was more dancing if you can believe it...

    I didn't realize that Tony grew up with this dance.  It was such a joyous moment and we all danced and cheered even though we were starved.   It was only now that I was told the tradition was to greet guests at the border and show them what warm Albanian hospitality was all about: dancing, singing and eating all the way to bed.  Tony and the dancers tore it up!  Rick, Nate, Fadil and I didn't do so bad either.

    We had delicious fresh cheese and salad, all to the sounds of traditional live music and singing.  Nate and I kept thinking about how much our father and brothers would have loved to see what it was like up here in the far reaches of Northern Albania, where whole countries had been warned not to go because of a past war and mysterious perceptions of Albanians.  And yet we were feeling so much love from the people as they served up the hospitality that is so unique to Albania.  It brought more tears to my eyes.  And then came the lamb... As Fadil said, "She was a good woman."

    Tropojë is somewhat famous for the film "Taken" with Liam Neeson, in which members of the Albanian mafia come from the town.  "Really?!"  I was thinking the whole time as the smiles on all the faces did not subside.  Could it be worse than the gangs of NY or LA?!  I learned that within Albania, the Tropoje district has a reputation as being the most "wild" and "conservative", sort of out of control of every government, whether communist, socialist or democratic.  Certain countries had even advised against travel here because of the risk of violence during the 1999 Kosovo crisis and because of the bad roads.  But I knew to fear not!  It is a new decade and the roads were also new because the Albanian government has since been promoting tourism considering it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful mountain regions I have ever seen.  I was not the only one who was thinking this.  I began to see and hear European hikers also enjoying the pristine quality of this mountain paradise... I just wished Dad could have seen it in person.  I guess he will have to wait for the documentary to be finished...


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  • The duo behind WhoWhatWear has launched Domaine Home, co-founded by Hillary Kerr, Katherine Power and my friend Mat Sanders @thematfinish (pictured below) of Domino and Apartment Therapy.  What fun we had mingling around the Aqua Star Pool which has undergone a redesign by the one and only Estee Stanley!

    THE LOOK:  A Topshop dress y'all!  And Nicholas Joclyn Heels in the perfect shade of yellow from Shopbop.  And I owe my new ombre hair to none other than Robert Ramos and his Estilo Salon.  Love it!!!

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  • If you always wanted to fly on a trapeze but never thought it would be a reality than you were just like me.  I said "were" because last night I did it!  My friend Jacob @Shwirtz took me and my brother Nate down to the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles to hang with his good friend Jonathon @jonathonconant  President and Co-fouder of TSNY - Trapeze School New York.  TSNY also gives people the opportunity to take flight at their locations in LA, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, and Puerto Rico.  Little did I know that sitting above the Santa Monica beach amongst the carnival rides, kids, games, gawkers etc. was a warm and friendly place where I could get that close to flying over the Pacific Ocean.

    And after a handful of attempts where I realized I have a natural delayed reaction to shouting commands, I accomplished my first successful "grab"!!!

    Thanks so much to the staff and "Amy and Gil" for sharing their class with us.  Next up?  "Silks" with Jonathon's incredible wife and Olympian Christine Van Loo!!!  Christine has performed all over the world but I was lucky enough to get a little demo last night.  Just hit play to watch her silk out to Lennie Kravitz'  "American Woman."  I was going to post a clip of one of her touring performances with Cirque de la Symphony, but this raw video was just too sexy and badass, right?!

    Via Adam Haley on YouTube

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  • THRIVE Gulu Program Launch!!!

    Flashmob: Gulu, Uganda from THRIVE Gulu Films on Vimeo.

    Via THRIVE Gulu Films on Vimeo.  I hope you enjoyed this film from our Filmmaking Workshop last year.  It's one of my favorites.  Read more about the workshop in the report from Kristal, THRIVEGulu volunteer.

    And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved with THRIVEGulu on the Program Launch last week!  Our brand new THRIVEGulu center is now "officially" open!!!  Our Program Launch was a day full of dancing, music, celebration, and hope. We shared our excitement and common goals with over 100 members of the local community as well as dozens of local government officials. The ribbon is cut, and we've planted the seeds for the future of THRIVEGulu and the people of northern Uganda!

    See all the photos on our THRIVEGulu Facebook Page 

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