Divine Lovelies~

I'm trippin' right now, literally, on LIFE & YOU all & we are gonna share something powerful & yummy & PRICELESS.  Here it is: Positive Vibrations/Vibes, Crazy-Amazing Flow, Blissful Energy, Growing/Booming Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem, LIFE PURPOSE, personal security & serenity through Solidarity & Meditation: TOGETHER, #LOVE.

Indeed, & as promised, I told some of you last night that in celebration of hitting 1 million "likes" on my Official Eliza Dushku Facebook Fan Page (& YES, I run my own social media *personally* & every post/pic/comment is made by me & me only, my Twitter-feed included, that's just what's up: ME, riffing) we would "Celebrate" somehow.  Well, the Universe is in dope alignment right now because it just so happens that the syckest gift I can share with you all is THIS thing that is starting TODAY:

Big O & Deep bring us: Finding YOUR Flow! TOGETHER.

Wait, What..?  & WHY?  So, about 5 years ago I was in serious need of some life-changing Flow & Serenity as I got sober from drugs & alcohol & made the decision to change my life.  I started a 12 step program & part of the program (a BIG part of the program) involved DAILY PRAYER & MEDITATION.  I nearly gagged at the thought.  Being raised Mormon, by my Socialist/Feminist/Badass Mom ~Mama Judy~ blessed me with some beautiful fundamental life values/morals.  *Be loving & kind to my family, friends, even enemies, & neighbors/fellow man/women.  *Trust in & pray to a God & Holy Ghosts for direction & peace & clarity.  *Have GRATITUDE & express it daily & abundantly, while singing songs about gratitude & popcorn popping on #apricot trees.. Huh?! *Right your wrongs to the best of your ability, make amends.  **Don't live in sin, etc. etc.  Some truly nice stuff, tho, admittedly the last part (living sin) was the part that prolly haunted me the most.  There were a lot of RULES it seemed that felt like judgements, oftentimes, and I began to have the all too well-known SHAME & GUILT vibes creeping around my conscience & subconscious, ALOT.  So, I did what alot of folks raised in religious homes/families do.. I RAN THE F AWAY FROM IT.  Who wants to feel like a shameful, guilty, creep, right?  Cut to me, for a good number of years with NO connection to a Higher Consciousness/God or Power/Flow of the Universe/Sense of Self/Inner Guide.  And... that (sorta long) period of my life SUCKED.  And, that void made me act out & numb out & do shitty shit & live a life that felt disconnected, selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, a bunch of other uncomfortable stuff, just ya know: BAD.  #BadGirl

Sobriety is about having a Spiritual Awakening.  I can't share too much of the program-Juju with you here, as it is a sacred set of life principles & a program that is not to be promoted/advertised in press/radio or film (even tho sometimes it should be, cuz it's too good a secret & life-saver to keep from so much of the world, IMHO..!), but long story short: I had this "Spiritual Awakening" as a direct result of making the decision to get sober as outlined in the AA program 5+ years ago, & WOW.  Hot-damn.  My life is more beautiful & vibrant & glorious & joyful & meaningful today than I could ever express in words- nor in this 1 uber-inspired blogpost.  Truth.

Listen UP.  Hear me out: The prayer & MEDITATION aspect.  I am an ADHD, Type A, prone to anxiousness & madness & crazy-thinking/doing woman by nature/DNA.  And guess what, it's ALL GOOD today, because I've learned & am always learning, every day, how to harness that into a beautiful, service-oriented, exciting life where I love myself & others & ooze gratitude daily.  (Literally, I write a #GratitudeList nearly every day of my life & share it with an email group of friends & it makes me sparkle, brings the sun back out from behind my mind's stormy clouds, polishes my mood/vibes.. & guess what else: you can do all that, too)  I used to want to punch people who talked about "meditation" & think they were granola, tree-hugging, weirdos.  I did like the way I felt in the presence of the occasional rad Buddhist Monk all dressed like a spiritual ninja in his/her orange robe & vibrating goodness.. but I digress.  UNTIL THE DAY, I was desperate enough to want to CHANGE MY LIFE & I went on the InterWeb & googled "How to LEARN HOW to Meditate" & came across a man I loving refer to as "Deep" aka Deepak Chopra, and his Meditation/Spiritual Center in Carlsbad, CA.  Mind you, I have ZERO affiliation with "Deep" & he likely doesn't even know that I exist, but that is neither here nor there.  I enrolled in a weekend Guided Meditation course, paid a couple hundred bucks (thought my life was possibly worth that much -at the time- to cough it up), and I sojourned on over to the Deepak Chopra Center.  Dopeness occurred that weekend.

For 5+ years I have used tools I gained/learned at Deepak's Center/Meditation course that weekend in my daily life.  I still use the secret, personal, simple "mantra" (aka: thing you say over & over in your mind while you meditate to clear the other crazy thoughts/words away) that they assigned me, and my "practice" of meditation has grown exponentially/awesomely.  This is all just my soup to nuts, heart to guts, honest story/truth, people.

TODAY.  Celebration.  Gift.  I'm sharing.

Last week, I got an email that one of my #juju-idols, "Big O" aka #Oprah (my Mama Judy, dearest/late "Madiba" Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, my late Papa Jim & a few others are also in my idol-box) had teamed up with "Deep" Deepak to offer a FREE 21-Day "Finding Your Flow" meditation workshop.  I emailed my nearest & dearest IMMEDIATELY to say: Gurrrls & Homies, LET'S DO THIS.  Up our FLOW, raise our VIBRATIONS & Good Vibes, it's FREE, I'm doin' it too, so let's GO.

SO, today, 4/14/14 is a special day, my dolls/lovelies, where I want to THANK YOU & SHARE WITH YOU this RAD & life-changing opportunity & invite you, passionately & lovingly, to join me/us on this FIERCE BADASS #BlissTrip.  Click on THIS LINK, sign in through email or Facebook, and EVERY DAY for the next 21 days, all you gotta do is click "play" on your computer/smartphone & step away from your crazy life for 20 mins & let the good times roll & flow.  "Deep" & "Big O" tell you exactly what to do & how to do it.  I'd love for you to lemme know how/what you're feeling, vibing, doing with it as we go & I'll do the same via my Twitter, FB & here.


xo  Eazy-Breezy EPD

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  • I find Paul McKenna's version of havening really helpful and valuable : I used it for a number of small and large upsetting memories and it gave me a deep well of calm I hadn't been able to imagine before.I used the process as explained <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2888088/I-change-destiny-to... ">here </a>

    and later the DVD in McKenna's book ""The 3 Things That Will Change Your Life Today", which has an additional stage to it.
    I use the Active Love technique in "The Tools" when I'm thinking too much about people I resent, and it pushes them nicely out of my head.
    All the best
    I can change your destiny today: From your health to your career, finances and love life, PAUL McKE…
    Over the next few days, in this exclusive serialisation of his new book, PAUL McKENNA will be guiding you through a simple set of powerful exercises,…
  • Hey, Ms Dushku
    I wish you love and healing and respect and kindness - from yourself, and from other people. I wish you well.
  • All best to you, ED. Perhaps you will begin blogging again here? *big smile, ADHD-sis*
  • Hey Now!... I wonder if you can remember where I got that line from? Lol:) I just wanted to say that I was truly inspired by your great words and admire your great courage for all that you had to endure and learn from difficult life experiences. Thank you for being such a beautiful and amazing person for setting a great example on how things should be said and done to change for the better. I know its not easy going through our hardships in our lives, but you truly help me see things in a different perspective with what you wrote. That's just why I had to start off by thanking you. I admire your great talent as a very successful and positive actress. I enjoy watching your movies and shows. Kudos to you Eliza. Keep on being that shining star. God Bless You in abundance.
  • I too am a friend of Bill's and am so grateful to have read the above. I wish I would have read it before 4/14/2014 so I could have been apart of this amazing movement. It is my wish this experience will come about again.

    In Love, Light & Service,
  • Just want to thank you for the work you and your mother do in Uganda. Working with former child soldiers is facing the effects of true evil. Thank you for your courage. As a survivor of similar issues, but in the U.S., I appreciate what you are up against. If you or your mother haven't read this book already, I highly recommend The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep by Harvey Schwartz. He really understands and explains what happens to child soldiers and how to help them.
    I am glad to read that you have found some peace in your own life and hope you find further happiness in Boston.
    Oh, and yes, you are my favorite bad girl on screen. Thank you for the enjoyment your film work has brought to me.
  • Words can't express how fantastically amazing you are! Lovvvvvve you
  • Also, Iovely post from a lovely soul.... but you cannot ascend to the height your soul wants to get to through meditation alone. You have to wait to be taken to heaven while you live. Yes, heaven is real, total perpetual state of mind.... its a gift, you cannot meditate there, you have to ask for it and to ask to see Jesus face to face.

    But he loves you and cannot wait to show himself to you to impress you so you can love him more... forget what you learned through hypocrites and religion. Focus. Ask yourself, have you read the new testament, its only 200 pages... did you ask for the living water and to receive the MIND OF GOD here to have his bliss in you? To see his face, hear his voice and have God revealed?

    Its true, I have seen God and you can too... that is what I do, for free, I offer a spiritual plan for those who want to see God, free of charge, requiring solitude, nature, knowing what to ask for and that is about it... except a few weeks of persistence.
  • Also, my mother passed away a few years after God came to me and filled me with the Living Water. After she passed away, i had a vision in a dream where I was out of body, a Spirit without a body resting in a blissful eternal state.... I was a part of the blue of the sky you see during the day.... It was eternal bliss at its finest. No time, pure love and rest.

    Then a voice spoke.... and the words went through me raising the bliss to hundreds of thousands of times higher.... they were in Hebrew Aramaic (I am not Hebrew) and my Spirit fed off the power and love from the words. Amazing what power words have, God spoke creation into being and science is catching up.

    Do you want to see God and feel heaven? Just ask Jesus for a few nights, religion, church and all that is a lie.

    You are loved.

    djvalis(AT)gmail(dot)com -- feel free to message me if you want to hear about more visions and dreams God has shown me or if you are interested in becoming a real prophet who will feel power, see God/visions and more... who will rule for eternity.

    John 14:20 "On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”

    Here is where I go meditate, a cave i found deep in the Mojave desert of California in a beautiful hill.

  • Breathing without interruption for days to weeks on end is necessary every once in a while to regain stillness, patience and the ability to lead a sober life. But humans have had a need to change their consciousness for ages, so they resort to substances. Even natural ones. There comes a point in a persons life where they are willing to try anything and everything. I came to that point and went through all religions, meditations, chants and doctrines. They were all fulfilling for a little while, but again i needed to smoke, drink and get high.

    So what to do? Now here is where I am going to lose most of you. I've done coke, E, weed and had my share of partying. I once stopped all this and went to a mountain each day before work and after. I meditated and asked to see God face to face. Really. Dedicating 40 days of "as much time as I could being alone waiting on the mountain" --- I read that Living Water would burst forth from the belly of the person who asks and does not quit. So i began asking. 33 days into this... I had a dream of Jesus. Then I began to feel heaven's bliss roaring in my chest and mind, literally like a spring of water bursting forth, my mind was flooded with power from heaven. Then awake meditating, my eyes were opened and our God came to me transfigured showing me into heaven.


    IF you ask this for a few nights or weeks your life will change forever.

    With all love xoxo - Al

    ps if you google or youtube "heaven within" you will see my videos.
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