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  • Divine Lovelies~

    I'm trippin' right now, literally, on LIFE & YOU all & we are gonna share something powerful & yummy & PRICELESS.  Here it is: Positive Vibrations/Vibes, Crazy-Amazing Flow, Blissful Energy, Growing/Booming Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem, LIFE PURPOSE, personal security & serenity through Solidarity & Meditation: TOGETHER, #LOVE.

    Indeed, & as promised, I told some of you last night that in celebration of hitting 1 million "likes" on my Official Eliza Dushku Facebook Fan Page (& YES, I run my own social media *personally* & every post/pic/comment is made by me & me only, my Twitter-feed included, that's just what's up: ME, riffing) we would "Celebrate" somehow.  Well, the Universe is in dope alignment right now because it just so happens that the syckest gift I can share with you all is THIS thing that is starting TODAY:

    Big O & Deep bring us: Finding YOUR Flow! TOGETHER.

    Wait, What..?  & WHY?  So, about 5 years ago I was in serious need of some life-changing Flow & Serenity as I got sober from drugs & alcohol & made the decision to change my life.  I started a 12 step program & part of the program (a BIG part of the program) involved DAILY PRAYER & MEDITATION.  I nearly gagged at the thought.  Being raised Mormon, by my Socialist/Feminist/Badass Mom ~Mama Judy~ blessed me with some beautiful fundamental life values/morals.  *Be loving & kind to my family, friends, even enemies, & neighbors/fellow man/women.  *Trust in & pray to a God & Holy Ghosts for direction & peace & clarity.  *Have GRATITUDE & express it daily & abundantly, while singing songs about gratitude & popcorn popping on #apricot trees.. Huh?! *Right your wrongs to the best of your ability, make amends.  **Don't live in sin, etc. etc.  Some truly nice stuff, tho, admittedly the last part (living sin) was the part that prolly haunted me the most.  There were a lot of RULES it seemed that felt like judgements, oftentimes, and I began to have the all too well-known SHAME & GUILT vibes creeping around my conscience & subconscious, ALOT.  So, I did what alot of folks raised in religious homes/families do.. I RAN THE F AWAY FROM IT.  Who wants to feel like a shameful, guilty, creep, right?  Cut to me, for a good number of years with NO connection to a Higher Consciousness/God or Power/Flow of the Universe/Sense of Self/Inner Guide.  And... that (sorta long) period of my life SUCKED.  And, that void made me act out & numb out & do shitty shit & live a life that felt disconnected, selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, a bunch of other uncomfortable stuff, just ya know: BAD.  #BadGirl

    Sobriety is about having a Spiritual Awakening.  I can't share too much of the program-Juju with you here, as it is a sacred set of life principles & a program that is not to be promoted/advertised in press/radio or film (even tho sometimes it should be, cuz it's too good a secret & life-saver to keep from so much of the world, IMHO..!), but long story short: I had this "Spiritual Awakening" as a direct result of making the decision to get sober as outlined in the AA program 5+ years ago, & WOW.  Hot-damn.  My life is more beautiful & vibrant & glorious & joyful & meaningful today than I could ever express in words- nor in this 1 uber-inspired blogpost.  Truth.

    Listen UP.  Hear me out: The prayer & MEDITATION aspect.  I am an ADHD, Type A, prone to anxiousness & madness & crazy-thinking/doing woman by nature/DNA.  And guess what, it's ALL GOOD today, because I've learned & am always learning, every day, how to harness that into a beautiful, service-oriented, exciting life where I love myself & others & ooze gratitude daily.  (Literally, I write a #GratitudeList nearly every day of my life & share it with an email group of friends & it makes me sparkle, brings the sun back out from behind my mind's stormy clouds, polishes my mood/vibes.. & guess what else: you can do all that, too)  I used to want to punch people who talked about "meditation" & think they were granola, tree-hugging, weirdos.  I did like the way I felt in the presence of the occasional rad Buddhist Monk all dressed like a spiritual ninja in his/her orange robe & vibrating goodness.. but I digress.  UNTIL THE DAY, I was desperate enough to want to CHANGE MY LIFE & I went on the InterWeb & googled "How to LEARN HOW to Meditate" & came across a man I loving refer to as "Deep" aka Deepak Chopra, and his Meditation/Spiritual Center in Carlsbad, CA.  Mind you, I have ZERO affiliation with "Deep" & he likely doesn't even know that I exist, but that is neither here nor there.  I enrolled in a weekend Guided Meditation course, paid a couple hundred bucks (thought my life was possibly worth that much -at the time- to cough it up), and I sojourned on over to the Deepak Chopra Center.  Dopeness occurred that weekend.

    For 5+ years I have used tools I gained/learned at Deepak's Center/Meditation course that weekend in my daily life.  I still use the secret, personal, simple "mantra" (aka: thing you say over & over in your mind while you meditate to clear the other crazy thoughts/words away) that they assigned me, and my "practice" of meditation has grown exponentially/awesomely.  This is all just my soup to nuts, heart to guts, honest story/truth, people.

    TODAY.  Celebration.  Gift.  I'm sharing.

    Last week, I got an email that one of my #juju-idols, "Big O" aka #Oprah (my Mama Judy, dearest/late "Madiba" Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, my late Papa Jim & a few others are also in my idol-box) had teamed up with "Deep" Deepak to offer a FREE 21-Day "Finding Your Flow" meditation workshop.  I emailed my nearest & dearest IMMEDIATELY to say: Gurrrls & Homies, LET'S DO THIS.  Up our FLOW, raise our VIBRATIONS & Good Vibes, it's FREE, I'm doin' it too, so let's GO.

    SO, today, 4/14/14 is a special day, my dolls/lovelies, where I want to THANK YOU & SHARE WITH YOU this RAD & life-changing opportunity & invite you, passionately & lovingly, to join me/us on this FIERCE BADASS #BlissTrip.  Click on THIS LINK, sign in through email or Facebook, and EVERY DAY for the next 21 days, all you gotta do is click "play" on your computer/smartphone & step away from your crazy life for 20 mins & let the good times roll & flow.  "Deep" & "Big O" tell you exactly what to do & how to do it.  I'd love for you to lemme know how/what you're feeling, vibing, doing with it as we go & I'll do the same via my Twitter, FB & here.


    xo  Eazy-Breezy EPD

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