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  • Divine Lovelies~

    I'm trippin' right now, literally, on LIFE & YOU all & we are gonna share something powerful & yummy & PRICELESS.  Here it is: Positive Vibrations/Vibes, Crazy-Amazing Flow, Blissful Energy, Growing/Booming Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem, LIFE PURPOSE, personal security & serenity through Solidarity & Meditation: TOGETHER, #LOVE.

    Indeed, & as promised, I told some of you last night that in celebration of hitting 1 million "likes" on my Official Eliza Dushku Facebook Fan Page (& YES, I run my own social media *personally* & every post/pic/comment is made by me & me only, my Twitter-feed included, that's just what's up: ME, riffing) we would "Celebrate" somehow.  Well, the Universe is in dope alignment…

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