As you all know, THRIVEGulu & the amazing people of Gulu, Uganda are extremely near and dear to me. My mother started the organization as a labor of love, and it's always been that for the whole fam. It always means so much to us that we're able to help our Gulu family~and all of you have been part of that as well! Thanks to you guys, this year has been incredible.. we've moved into our amazing new center that YOU GUYS CROWDFUNDED during my Birthday Fundraiser last year. But this year, it's even more important to me..

I'm dedicating this year’s fundraiser to the memory of our beloved Papa Jim, who just passed away. He was a hero & father, not just to me & my family, but to everyone in our Ugandan family as well. So, my birthday wish is that this year, you, my beautiful & generous friends, donate to THRIVEGulu in Jim’s memory.

Jim was a huge part of the THRIVEGulu family. He helped build this organization and wanted it to be his legacy. To help make his dream a reality, we have this amazing opportunity to be part of the CrowdRise Holiday Challenge.

The campaign that raises the most gets an extra $100K! Help us win so we can maximize Papa Jim’s legacy - please DONATE TODAY!!

Our THRIVEGulu team in Uganda does amazing work every day: working with women’s empowerment groups, teaching computer literacy & business skills. Because we’re doing so many different things, though, sometimes it’s tough to pinpoint what it is we’re about exactly. But these past few weeks, I’ve figured it out. What we do at our center in Gulu is really about FAMILY.

Families & communities were torn apart over more than two decades of civil war in Uganda. THRIVEGulu wants to help victims heal from that trauma. And the key is through rehabilitating families. THRIVEGulu is not about helping just women or just children, but giving parents the skills to support their kids & giving every family the chance for a better future.

We have done incredible work since last year and with your help, we have the chance to DO EVEN MORE. Your continued generosity and support will help us keep our family in Gulu alive & strong. I appreciate, value & adore each and every one of you.

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

To show you all how much it means to me that you're a part of our THRIVEGulu family, this year I've collected a whole bunch of new SERIOUS perks and prizes that we'll be giving away to the peeps who donate & JOIN US!

Here are the PERKS I’m offering throughout the campaign:

  • $30 - I’ll follow you on Twitter (50 limit)
  • $50 - I’ll follow you and thank you on Twitter in a group tweet (40 limit)
  • $75 - I’ll follow you and thank you on Twitter in a solo tweet (20 limit)
  • $100 - I’ll RT a tweet of your choosing, within reason & no ads - borrow my account for a RT! (15 limit)
  • $250 - I’ll record for you a personalized voicemail message for your phone (no limit)
  • $1000 - Lunch with me - 6 up for grabs, 2 in NY, 2 in LA, 2 in Boston (we meet at the agreed spot, no accommodations/travel included)
  • $2000 - Blog post RIGHT HERE (& a share on Facebook) about your cause or company (as long as it fits with my interests & isn’t crazy) - 2 up for grabs
  • $10,000 - Join me on a GROUP ADVOCACY TRIP TO UGANDA!!

Keep in mind, that last one ain't for the faint of heart!! This isn't a glamour trip! Accommodations are gonna be rugged & you’ll get to experience the real deal.. So if you're up for it, be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Also - be sure to STAY TUNED & check back here often, because we've got EVEN MORE PRIZES coming along throughout the Holiday Challenge (from TODAY until January 9)

If you've already donated to the CrowdRise & are looking to redeem your perks, just fill out this form. I can't wait to share all these cool things with you AND keep sharing our THRIVEGulu adventures throughout 2014 & beyond!!

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  • When I click on "this form" to redeem my perk, no form pops up. It just says to join a mailing list, click here. Any ideas on how to redeem my perk???
  • This is my favorite cause to support every year. There is always a sense of pride when seeing the continued improvements to the quality of life this campaign brings. I am very humbled by giving and so very glad that I can help. Best wishes Eliza and to all those involved in this very worthy cause.
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